Want to know if we're offering programing when your kids don't have school? You've come to the right place!

We offer Workshops over school vacations in addition to Classes and Open Studio in the afternoons. Check our calendar and Workshop Listings below for upcoming programs. 


Workshop Descriptions and Registration


February Vacation Art All Week!


February Vacation Art Classes

We've teamed up with Ocean Alliance to learn about whales, drones, and the ocean—then make art inspired by nature and science!

Choose from half-day, 9-noon, or full-day, 9-3:00 p.m. Each day we will learn from hands-on experiences like seeing drones and films of the Snotbot in action, to holding bones and measuring out just how big a blue whale is! We'll do fun new art projects each day, plus games and crafts. 


Tuesday- FULL

Learn about SnotBots and create your own model sculpture of a drone.


Where do science and art meet? Learn  about whale songs, ocean currents and more. We will study the artwork of Kandinsky who was inspired by music, and create artistic interpretations based on the songs of whales and Kandisnsky's work.


Imagine and Create magical creatures, whales and animals from paper mache.


Learn how scientists identify individual whales by their tales, then make up your own whale, name it, write it's story and create a unique collage image of it's tail with paint, pastels, glitter and everything pretty!


Keep an eye on our website and on Social Media for information regarding Spring and Summer Vacation Programs!