After School Classes Fall 2019

Congratulations to kids and parents all over Cape Ann for another great school year! After school classes have ended and Summer Programs have begun. Learn more HERE.

Upcoming Classes and Events

Join us again for classes this September. Registration will begin in August. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates about classes and events this summer and the new school year in Fall 2019.


Clay for Grades 1-8

Join us again in Fall of 2019!

Kids love to get their hands in the clay! We will learn all the important hand-building techniques including pinch pots, slabs, coils, sculpting, slipping and scoring as we explore with clay.

Illustration and Comic Book Drawing for Kids Grades 1-5
from 0.00

Join us again Fall 2019!

Drawing and Storytelling are great partners! Projects will be based around stories--how to draw cartoon characters, draw settings and tell stories through art, from single drawings to books and comics.

Easy Sewing and Fiber Arts for Kids

Join us again in Fall 2019!

In this class we’ll have fun with basic hand sewing for beginners and creating art using fiber materials including yarn for weaving, natural fibers and fabrics.

Puppet and Creature Creation for Grades 1-5
from 0.00

Join us again for Fall 2019!

Create your own puppet and creatures. Whether you love sci-fi, fantasy or just want to make your own fantastic creatures, this class will teach you how to construct your own creations. We will draw, build and perform!

Printmaking and Stamping for Kids Grades 1-5

Join us Again Fall 2019!

Printmaking involves the creation of a master plate from which multiple images are made. Students will learn new techniques to make images from blocks, vegetables, found materials and more! Printmaking is great for exploring and inventing new ways to make images!


Make Art School Vacations!

Winter Holiday Vacation, February Break and Spring Vacation we have Themed Classes planned for mornings with General Arts and Crafts in the afternoons. Mix and match! Choose classes by the day, come for just morning or afternoon or stay a full day.

Look for Our Special Events

Back to school means fun holidays coming and all our great Art Haven Community Events too. Join us for family events like Pumpkin Carving, Buoy Priming and Painting and the Holiday Lobster Trap Tree!