With so many fun and creative possibilities, your child's party will be one of a kind!

Art Haven's trained and dedicated staff will provide an art project of your choice. For a two hour time slot, birthday parties cost $175 for up to 12 children. There's a $10 fee for each additional child.

Call (978) 283-3888 or email traci@arthaven.org to confirm your date. 

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Birthday Party Craft Options

Choose one of the crafts below. Projects have been created that are simple enough for a wide range of skill levels and also creative and fun.  Some kids won't like to get their hands wet or sticky so we've designed projects that are fun for everyone.



Option 1 Slime Birthday!
There is nothing better than Oooey, goooey slime! Kids will learn to make their own slime with fun colors and mix-ins. *Our Slime is Borax free to be easy on hands.
Pricing: Due to materials costs, please note a different price for this party is $225 for up to 12 children. The same rates apply for additional children.


Option 2  Paint Party
All kids enjoy painting on a canvas. Choose a follow along painting or kids can be free to paint on their own. Good themes for a step by step include space, mermaids,  unicorns or Georgia-Okeefe flowers.


Option 3  Comic Book Art Party!
Make a comic with you favorite characters!


Option 4  Build a Dream House or Imaginary World
Create a mini world out of paper and cardboard.


Option 5  Build Puppet Party
Make two different kinds of puppets, and stage a show!

Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child have to be?
Birthday parties are available for children grades 1-6.

Will Art Haven provide the decorations for my party?
Parents are responsible for decorations. If you would like to set up before the party you can arrive 30 minutes prior to your time slot to decorate.

Does Art Haven supply all of the art materials for the art projects?
Art Haven does supply the materials for standard birthday party projects. However, if you would like to do a project that involves materials that we do not have readily available then you will have to provide those materials.

What type of instruction do you provide?
We allow fifteen minutes for everyone to arrive, during which kids can free draw. Once guests are ready, we begin, welcoming kids and getting to know everyone a bit. We wear name tags and encourage kids to ask questions. The instructor will introduce the craft and provide instruction, then the kids can jump in and have fun creating! We are there to help as needed throughout the party. Crafts last between an hour an hour and a half. Teachers will help organize clean-up and transition to what parents have planned next.

Can I bring food?
Yes! Just let us know that you would like to have time for food and we will plan the art project accordingly. Parents or Caregivers are responsible for bringing paper goods. Please note we are a nut-free facility.

Who provides paper goods?
Parents provide all paper goods. We have 6-foot long tables that we can set up, separate from the craft area, where kids can eat and food or other items can be set out.

When is the best time for cake?
That is really up to you. We are happy to accommodate and can do a craft before, after or in between food.

Does my deposit guarantee the date and time that I want for my birthday party?
We recommend calling us to make sure the date and time you want to have your party is available. After you've confirmed that your day and time is available then your deposit will guarantee your slot. We also ask that you please put in your time slot in the "notes" section of the deposit form. 

When do I pay the balance?
You can pay the balance the day of the party, either online or in person with cash or check.

What if one of the children attending has allergies?
Please inform us of any allergies so we can work with you to ensure everyone’s safety.

How can I find out which dates are open?
Please click on the Calendar button to see open Saturdays and Sundays. ->


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